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Their goal as provided from their twitter @SJLoveProject:

Super Junior Love Project

On Saturday July 6th, Eunhyuk made a speech addressing an issue within the fandom. A plea for fans to stop fighting, and to stop attacking Henry and Zhou Mi.
In this address to fans, Eunhyuk clarified that Henry and Zhou Mi are not members of Super Junior, but they are members of Super Junior M. They are friends, and they are family. They are not guests. They are important, as members of Super Junior M. They contribute to the sub-unit, the main group, and to the whole 'brand' that is known as Super Junior. They are just as important as any official member of the group Super Junior.

The actions of some ELF, and fighting that followed, clearly put the members of Super Junior in a very uncomfortable position -- their fans angry and confused and their colleagues being targeted. There was hurt in Eunhyuk's voice as he talked to ELF about this. Hearing him or reading the transcripts one could clearly hear the pain and that he did not want to have to talk about this issue. Some fans have been upset or disappointed with what was said in his speech. We, however, want to use this as a way to take a step forward, as a fandom, to leave this issue behind us for one and for all.

-The Message-

We believe that Super Junior is a family, made up of the primary group Super Junior, the sub-units Super Junior KRY, Super Junior M, Super Junior H and Super Junior T. Every member of these units are members of the Super Junior family/brand. They operate under, and contribute to, the Super Junior name. The sub-units are part of Super Junior. The sub-unit members are part of Super Junior by proxy.

Every individual is an important member of this family, and every individual contributes their own unique personality, skills and talents to the whole of brand known as Super Junior. This includes solo activities of Henry Lau remain under the Super Junior name, as do the activities of the sub unit Donghae & Eunhyuk, and the book release of Zhou Mi, etc. Also, actor Kim Kibum and the solo artist Han Geng, while they not currently working underneath the Super Junior name, are still part of the Super Junior family.

ELF are also a part of the family. It is our role in this family to support the solo careers of each individual, the activities of each unit and each individual Super Junior member's pursuit of happiness now and in the future. It is ELFs role to respect the decisions of each individual, even when their careers take them away from Super Junior. We should accept their choices and support their progress. We can acknowledge Kibum and Han Geng’s solo careers away from Super Junior, supporting them in their solo endeavours without the condition that they will eventually return to Super Junior. We can support Henry and Zhou Mi without the condition that they are only active in China. We support all members under the Super Junior brand equally and unconditionally. The progress of the group, the sub-units and each individual member is something to be celebrated and encouraged.

We should also support Super Show as a concert tour for every individual actively working under the Super Junior brand. Every member of the Super Junior family belongs at Super Show- the ELF that attend and the active members of Super Junior, including Henry and Zhou Mi. Super Show 5 was crafted by the members of Super Junior to be inclusive for every member of the Super Junior family. The purpose of Super Show is to celebrate the achievements of the Super Junior brand - Super Junior, Super Junior M, Super Junior KRY, Donghae & Eunhyuk, Super Junior H and Super Junior T. It is the combined efforts of every member of Super Junior; as individuals, as sub-units, and as a whole, that has allowed them to perform to crowds all across the globe. It is also Super Show's purpose to entertain fans and to give Super Junior and ELF the opportunity to share a moment, interact with each other, and express our love for each other. All the members want to achieve with Super Show is to make every fan that attends happy. Super Show 5 was designed to do so.

Super Show is part of the Super Junior brand, therefore it is included as an extension of our unconditional support. We do not demand any changes made to exclude any family member of the Super Junior brand during any part of the Super Show in the present nor in the future. We accept the set lists as made by Super Junior to entertain us and bring us closer to all members who stand on stage together, this includes Henry and Zhou Mi outside of SJM performances.

We have no demands to make of Super Junior. We feel that there is no need to bully or dictate to Super Junior. We do not want to approve or ignite and further fighting within the fandom. We merely want to show support for every member of the Super Junior family: past and present, active and inactive. We want to recognize Henry and Zhou Mi as being part of our family, and treating them as such by respecting them, supporting their solo activities and all of their activities including Super Junior M and Super Shows. We encourage their progress and stand strong by them when others wish to hurt them, because they are family. We believe all fans of every member of the Super Junior family should be able to identify as ELF with the colour Sapphire Blue, whether that be for the activity of the units or the solo activities of the individual. We want to show our love, support and respect for Super Junior without fighting, making demands, or doing anything to hurt any member of Super Junior.

Our message is acceptance, respect, support and love for every member of Super Junior as a family. We feel the best way to communicate this is through a fan project, as a positive movement rather than just a fandom campaign. We want our love and support for Super Junior as a family to be something every member can see and feel.

We do not want to bring numbers into this project, as it seems to be numbers are where the fights break out. It does not matter who your bias is, who your favourites are, who's career you follow closely and who ends up escaping your attention. This isn't about telling ELF what they have to do and who they have to like to be a true ELF. Being a true ELF just requires liking Super Junior and supporting Super Junior- the individuals you love, and the family as a whole.

We stand up for all of Super Junior as family. We are there to support all of Super Junior as a whole.
We do not agree with the petition raised by United_ELF and do not support anything that targets Henry and Zhou Mi in a hurtful, malicious way. We do not agree with making demands of Super Junior, particularly when these demands revolve around excluding Henry and Zhou Mi from Super Junior, limiting their opportunities to perform and interact with fans, and limiting any progress they may make outside of Super Junior M. We believe that this petition, and any alike to it, is disrespectful and hurtful to Zhou Mi, Henry and all other members of Super Junior. The actions of this minority of ELF has caused the members of Super Junior distress and caused rifts within the fandom.

We want to organise this project to show Super Junior that ELF supports them as a whole, including Henry and Zhou Mi. We feel a project that takes an inclusive and accepting stance on Zhou Mi and Henry, and is for all of Super Junior, is more effective than simply raising a project for Henry and Zhou Mi, though we do support efforts to specifically appeal to Henry and Zhou Mi if fans wish to show their support to them more directly.

SJ and ELF = Family.
This includes Henry and Zhou Mi.

In the great worsts of Lilo and Stitch: "Family means no one gets left behind."

We support all of Super Junior moving forwards together.

-The Project-

We want to make this project global, and accessible for all.
Taking inspiration from the Steamed Bun Project for Heechul, we aim to provide templates for banners that fans can print off themselves, as well as having these banners available to pick up outside of concert venues for future Super Shows. This will allow anyone and everyone to take part if they want to.
We will also provide icons to use on twitter, weibo and other social media platforms and forums.
We may also apply the graphics used on our banners and signs onto T-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Korean Red Cross.
People who are unable to go to Super Shows that want to get involved, or have previously attended a Super Show, can join in by sending us photographs featuring their SJ Family banners or T-shirt, which we will then use in fan videos and collages, which we be tweeted and weibo'd to the boys..

We need the support of fan-bases, fan-sites and fans in general to make this work. We need as many fan-sites as possible to get behind this project, whether you are dedicated to one particular member, or the group as a whole. It will be the fan-sites that will help us to promote this project and distribute the banners/templates. It will be the fans that hold the banners up high, and stand together to do something positive, to let Eunhyuk know we listened, let Super Junior know we are strong, and Zhou Mi and Henry know they are supported. This is a chance to let Super Junior hear our voice.

As this project is still in its initial planning stages, we would also love it if all fan-sites, and fans, that do want to get involved to chat with us and contribute their own ideas so we can make this SuJu Love Project the best it can be. This project will be a collaborative effort between various SJ fansites, and all the fans that get involved.

If you have a skill in illustration, graphic arts, video editing or have previous experience with the organisation of fan projects, or know someone who does, your involvement will be greatly appreciated and crucial in making this project a success.

If you would like to take part, have any questions, ideas or anything you'd like to share, please e-mail



Instead of boiling in anger, let's direct that energy toward supporting Henry and Zhou Mi and the rest of the Super Junior family!
Mei-Ri Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
:iconhappytearsplz: Omo... I'm all the way with this!! Let's do this guys!! ^^ I'm seriously crying. I want to help out as much as possible... 
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I cannot express how happy this makes me :3 <3
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